The Galactic Cap has been featured across a number of media platforms and outlets. Below is a small selection:

- Newsweek
- The Guardian (UK)
MEL Magazine
The Daily Mail
Huffington Post
LA Weekly
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- On January 1, 2016 we reduced the price of the Galactic Cap prototypes in conjunction with Valentines's Day, Feb. 14th the most romantic day of the year. Nothing is better than an intimate skin to skin love making session that enhances the sexual pleasure for both partners. The Galactic Cap is the world's first condom that fits safely and securely on the head of the penis. It’s a condom people WANT to use…instead of HAVE to use.
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- In 2015, we redesigned the Galactic Cap to make it a one piece device and have received rave reviews. Here are testimonials from some of our customers:

“It was the finest condom experience I have ever had”.
“Unbelievably good”.
“Easy to apply"
"It is really fantastic, don't want anything else"
"The feeling for me was great."
"Best condom I've used yet."
"I would say it's the closest thing to nothing but skin I've found."
"I ordered a ten pack. I've used 5 so far. Your condom is batting 5 for 5 no leaks!"
"My wife reported that she thought they were the best condom we have ever used!"
"These are perfect! Please send me more"
"Go forward, I need more!"
- On August 1, 2014 we have launched a way to preorder a Galactic Cap via our website on the pre-order page.

- On July 30, 2014 we exceeded our crowd funding goal and raised $100,557. This will take us to the next phase in bringing the Galactic Cap to the masses.

- On June 1, 2014 - The Galactic Gap will debut on crowd funding platform Indie GoGo - to help us with our campaign please visit

- We have now joined Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to like/ follow us. and